Spare a thought for the broken hearted

Spare a thought for the broken hearted, those whose marriages have fallen apart; those for whom there is nowhere to go, and nothing to say, until this lockdown’s over.

Spare a thought for those pretending that everything’s okay when everything’s not; those who smile to hide the hurt inside. Waiting.

Spare a thought for those sitting at a table that’s no longer theirs, in a chair where they used to belong; a guest where once they were host. Toiling in a garden that’s now someone else’s; walking a dog of whom they’re not master any more; mocked by the happy family photos on the walls.

Spare a thought for those who wrap their children in the comforts of their home, knowing that this innocence will soon be wrenched away from them; who talk of a future now out of reach; who tell them the forecast’s fine when a storm’s edging over the horizon.

When will it come? Who knows? Weeks, months, it’s all the same.

Spare a thought for the lied-to lovers, those who see the truth but cannot speak it; those who know that their love just wasn’t enough.

Spare a thought for the broken hearted.

One thought on “Spare a thought for the broken hearted

  1. Unfortunately, speaking as one of the broken-hearted since 2015, what you need right now is not just a “spare thought”, you need the advice of a very good divorce lawyer who is experienced in family law. I do not know how your family law system works, as I am not from Britain. However, as a separated parent in the process of divorcing, I do know that without someone helping you navigate the treacherous waters of parental custody and spousal support you will find yourself feeling very overwhelmed. Also, if you don’t have a therapist already, please seek one out. You need someone to support you and your children emotionally as you go through this very difficult time and during all the years ahead in which you will have to “co-parent” with your ex-spouse (and her relatives). Additionally, find people who are knowledgeable in and sympathetic to your unique position as a person with Autism. My experience has been that family law (at least in my country) tries to deal with the messy complexities of broken relationships by imposing one-size-fits-all solutions. You will need help advocating for processes and solutions that work for your and your family’s individual needs. Please do take care of yourself and your children.

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