What happens when a guy and a girl who both have Asperger’s Syndrome have a baby? Honestly, I have no idea! Our journey with little Izzie has only just begun.

My name is Gillan Drew & my wife is Lizzie. On 19 June 2015, missing the two-hundredth anniversary of Waterloo by ninety minutes, Isabella Amelia Drew entered the world. A bit of a mouthful, so we already call her Izzie. Which rhymes with Lizzie. And we have a puppy called Ozzie. I’m only just realising how difficult I’ve made my life.

So read on, and let’s discover parenthood together.

(I am also the author of the book ‘An Adult With an Autism Diagnosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed‘, available from Amazon at Amazon UKAmazon US, or from your regular book supplier.)

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  1. Hello! I just found your blog today by Googling “attachment parenting for Aspies”. I am a mom with Asperger’s and have one child with Asperger’s and one with no ASD at all. I am trying desperately to learn how to “attach” with my adolescent/pre-adolescent children when I have very little instincts in this area. Things were relatively okay when they were little but now that they are getting older, my deficiencies are obvious in their behavior and attitudes and the emotional drift is heartbreaking. Are there any resources you recommend for the “how-tos” of attachment parenting of older children that are explicit for us EQ-challenged parents? (bullet point lists with examples for every parenting situation would be nice 🙂


  2. Just read your excellent book – it’s the book I always wanted to find, It’s as if I’d written it myself…. On p138 you write “There has been surprisingly little research done into autism and sex”. I would highly recommend “Love sex and relationships – what people with asperger’s really want” by Sarah Hedrickx. A top quality survey which answers a lot of questions.


  3. Read your book, An Adult With an Autism Diagnosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed! Good read with helpful content.


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