Now You Are One

Now you are one, my little girl, and what things can you do?

Let’s list them off and show the world so they can see them too.

Open doors all by yourself

I really wish you wouldn’t

And open cupboard doors as well

Even though you know you shouldn’t!

You can feed yourself apparently

I think your skills need work

You’re a fashion victim aged twelve-months

You’d better not learn how to twerk!

You’re discovering how keys turn locks

Though you’re too short to reach it

You watch TV as though you’re five

And we didn’t have to teach it!

You like to walk the dog sometimes

Though perhaps she’s walking you

You love all of our animals

And even the mouse I caught too!

You like to drive your pretty car

And how you slam that door!

You tried to paddle a kayak once

But only on the floor!

So here’s to all the fun we have

(Here’s you driving a digger)

I know we’ll keep on having such fun

Even when you’re bigger!

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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